After years of constant shoulder pain, hygienist Ashley Grow chose surgery so she could continue to work in the field that she loves. It’s a dental hygienist pain story we hear over and over.

After surgery, the persistent pain was gone, but she still felt soreness after working. That all changed when when she won a 135 series saddle stool from Brewer while she attended the RDH Under One Roof Conference. The result of switching to a saddle stool has been incredible.

Check out what she wrote us:

“I absolutely love my Brewer stool. Earlier this year I had shoulder surgery because of the constant pain I was in. After surgery, I was no longer in constant pain, which was great, but I still had soreness and pain in the upper trap area after working. Using this stool has eliminated that pain. I’m able to get close enough to the patient so that I don’t have to raise my arms or shoulders, or compromise my posture during treatment. I wish I would have transitioned to a stool earlier in my career. I now view it as a necessity instead of a luxury. I think it could have prevented years of being in pain and maybe even surgery. Not to mention, it’s really comfortable and pretty too! I truly needed this stool and I’m so thankful that Brewer offered such a generous gift, and I was lucky enough to win it.”

– Ashley Grow, Dental Hygienist

The 135 Series Saddle Stool from Brewer

Hygienists have been raving about the 135AS and 135JS saddle stools since they were launched a few years ago.

Many dental professionals now believe saddle stools are the way to go. They offer better posture to diminish spinal muscle degeneration, release tension, promote deeper breathing for better circulation, and improve mobility. Additionally, the Brewer 135 saddle stools feature exclusive 360 degree Dynamic Motion which allows freedom of movement that strengthens back muscles, reduces back pain and minimizes seating fatigue.

We congratulate Ashley on winning a Brewer 135 series saddle stool at RDH Under One Roof and we are so happy that this stool has made such a difference in her health and wellness!

Do you use a saddle stool? If so, and you’ve seen great benefits, we’d love to hear all about your experience! Send us an email and let us know!