Exam Tables

Our Backed by Brewer products are available to you at discounted prices. Items in this area were built at our manufacturing headquarters but then returned to Brewer for a variety of reasons, such as order cancellations, order changes or arrived with cosmetic blemishes.

Products that list a condition of “Like New” are products that are completely blemish free and usually come to us due to an order change or cancellation. Items listed as “Great” may have minor cosmetic blemishes, such as small scuff marks or scratches, while items listed as “Good” may have larger scratches or cosmetic defects. Any blemish or mark appearing on a product will be captured in the product photos for you to view.

All our Backed by Brewer products are meticulously checked by our quality team prior to being placed in the Backed by Brewer section of our website. All products will be fully operational and structurally sound, so you can rest assured you are getting a quality product. Plus, all products are backed by our standard warranties.

To view our entire product line, visit us at brewercompany.com


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