Brewer shall manufacture its products in accordance with the requirements of all applicable law, including without limitations, the regulations promulgated by and for the Federal Food and Drug Administration and industry standards.  Brewer warrants its products to be free from defects in parts and workmanship under normal use and service for a period detailed in the table below from the date of delivery to original end user.  Brewer will not be responsible for any Product failure due to abuse, modification or improper use, or for any use which exceeds the published capacity of the product.

Do not discard parts before contacting Brewer for warranty service, as Brewer may require the customer to send in defective parts for examination to determine the applicability of these warranty provisions. Brewer reserves the right to dispose of non-defective returned product if the customer fails to respond to requests for information for 30 days from receipt of product.

Product Warranty Period
AssistPRO Programmable Table 3 Years
Assist Power Procedure Table 3 Years
Access High-Low Exam Table 3 Years
Basic Exam Table 3 Years
Access Exam Table 5 Years
Element Treatment Table 3 Years
Support products 5 Years
Lighting products 1 Year
Seating products (Non-Industrial) 5 Years
Industrial Seating products 12 Years
Cylinders for industrial seating Lifetime
OEM products 1 Year
Refurbished products 1 Year
Accessories and service items 1 Year

This warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties and remedies whatsoever, including but not limited to implied warranties for merchantability and/or fitness for a particular purpose.  No agent, employee, or representative of Brewer has any authority to make any affirmation, representation, or warranty not set forth in these terms and conditions concerning any products of Brewer.  Brewer shall have no liability whatsoever for damages caused by transportation, accidents, fire, unauthorized alteration, or normal wear or abuse.  Brewer will have no liability whatsoever for any incidental or consequential damages, including without limitation, lost profits or any such damages arising from (a) the design, manufacture, sale, delivery, installation, repair, operation or use of Products of Brewer or any part thereof, (b) any actual or alleged failure or defect in Products of Brewer or any part thereof, or (c) any actual or alleged breach or non-performance by Brewer of this limited warranty.

Obtaining Warranty Service:  Warranty service must be obtained through The Brewer Company by contacting Customer Service by phone at 1-800-558-8777 or by e-mail at customerservice@brewercompany.com.  If the product is within the warranty period described above, Brewer will either ship replacement parts, replace the product at the discretion of Brewer or in certain circumstances provide on-site repair services. On-site service is provided only within the Continental United States, and only replacement parts or product will be provided at Brewer’s discretion in Canada. Completion of product warranty registration may expedite warranty service of exam tables. Register your product online at http://www.brewercompany.com/warranty-registration/.