Our popular 135JS saddle stools offer a custom fit and range of motion using exclusive 360 degree dynamic motion technology.

  • Exclusive 360° Dynamic Motion technology helps strengthen back muscles, reduce back pain & minimize sitting fatigue
  • Easily adjust seat height and level of dynamic motion desired with convenient control ring for optimal personal comfort
  • Available in three ultraleather colors of Dove Gray, Raven Wing & Papyrus
  • Jumper offers a wider upholstered seat design of 17-inches wide.
  • These saddle stools have been featured on Today’s RDH with Kara Vavrosky, RDHEP and Dr. Bethany Valachi of Posturedontics.

Why our saddle stools are different:

The biggest differentiation with the Brewer saddles it the presence of the balance mechanism.  The balance mechanism

  • Moves the seat toward your center of gravity. This movement keeps the spine and pelvis in neutral balance.
  • The movement helps improve core abdominal muscle strength while reducing back pain and sitting fatigue
  • The movement also reduces pressure points on the inside of the thighs and pubic bone.
  • You can easily adjust the amount of resistance or “balance required” to your preference simply by turning the ring under the seat.
  • When combined with our softer foam, the result is a more comfortable saddle seat that allows for active seating, promoting greater concentration and better work performance.

Read Kara Vavrosky, RDHEP, of Today’s RDH review of the 135 Saddle Series.