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Dentist shares why your dental stool is so important

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This year, we may spend 1500 operatory hours contorted in a position that defies the laws of nature.  On an average clinical day, we sit in a rigid posture that contracts 50% of our musculature to keep us from falling forward.  Simultaneously, our neck muscles hold a 12-pound bowling ball from dropping. In fact, when [...]

Hygienist Raves About the 135 Saddle Stool

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After years of constant shoulder pain, hygienist Ashley Grow chose surgery so she could continue to work in the field that she loves. It’s a dental hygienist pain story we hear over and over. After surgery, the persistent pain was gone, but she still felt soreness after working. That all changed when when she won [...]

5 Things to Consider when Choosing an Ergonomic Dental Stool

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A range of professionals are at risk for injury due to jobs that require awkward positions over prolonged periods of time. This especially applies to the dental profession. One study in the International Journal of Applied Dental Sciences found that dental professionals (including dentists, dental surgeons, and dental hygienists) most commonly suffer from chronic neck [...]

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